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t Rlly Dsn’t Mttr

I haven’t listened to his music and to be honest, it really doesn’t matter when produzentin is in love (only this time it’s serious):

Is this fishy?

To be honest, I don’t get this photo. I know, this is a promotional picture for Ghostface Killah’s new album, called More Fish, but still? What is it all about? Please tell me. You know, I like my fish raw and my boys hot.


Showstudio has tons of Gareth Pugh, including his fashion shows. Love them (minus the S&M connotations).
And there is his Make-Up-Athon (quicktime, youtube). I want the gold star face.

In case you all wondered, who is this Gareth Pugh and why is produzentin blogging about him? Well, this should cast away your doubts: Kylie wears some Pugh on her Homecoming tour, looking increasingly like Mel & Kim:

Kylie in Pugh as Mel & Kim
Respectable (via)

And maybe in 20 years, Kylie will sport a Limahl hairdo.


In recent weeks I have watched quite a few film classics. With two of them, I was sure that I hadn’t seen them before, but I had and I could remember their stories quite well: The Philadelphia Story and The Night of the Hunter. I wish I had asked malorama before I went to see Die Nacht des Jägers, dann hätte ich bei seiner Minute besser aufpassen können.

Anyway, because of Fassbinder, who was a fan of the Douglas Sirk melodramas of the 50ties, I wanted to see more of his films. I had seen Imitation of Life and All That Heaven Allows a couple of years ago and this week it was time for Written on the Wind.

Imitation of Life is still my favourite Douglas Sirk film, though Written on the Wind is very good, too. A bit cartoonish, in a good way, which distracted me at first.

Below are three screen caps of the final shots of Written on the Wind. I think they look absolutely stunning. You can see Marylee Hadley (played by Dorothy Malone, who won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role as the spoiled, dipso-nymphomaniac daughter) with a portrait of her father in the back.

Article on Fassbinder’s Angst Essen Seele auf (Ali: Fear Eats the Soul) which is a remake of Douglas Sirk’s All That Heaven Allows
Bright Lights Film Journal (#6, Winter 1977/78) devoted to Douglas Sirk incl. an interview

Fassbinder: In einem Jahr mit 13 Monden




Helmut Berger Interview

Helmut Berger on German late night TV, The Harald Schmidt Show: Part I, Part II.

I think it’s a shame, that Helmut Berger’s autobiography, Ich, has not been translated into English yet. It should be available to a broader audience, it is one of my favourite autobiographies. Maybe I should translate some highlights.

“Cocaine was the jet-set-drug. If everybody was on it, I had to be too. You know, I am very easily influenced by other people. I like modern things. I wanted to be “in” back then. Immediately I took half a pound…” (source)

Recently (and soon)

After I crawled out of the stove, I knew I had to get my shit together. I made myself this cute little present: A pink record box for my vinyl. Finally, after all those years, I don’t have to look like a bag lady anymore.

As you can see in the picture, I tried to stick my Mariah magnets to the box. I tried to Mimi-mize it. Somehow, they fell down all the time, didn’t stick. Dunno why. Must be something in the plastic.

I am usually not such a big fan of double 12″ singles. The new one by The Brand New Heavies is different. Love the cover (below on the left). The remixes are great, especially the Kenny Dope Dub. And there are mixes by Tom Moulton on the so called OG side.

You can see me working the pink box at:
Saturday, December 9, Hotnuts at The Beaver, Toronto
Sunday, December 31, S, Frankfurt. For the New Year’s Eve party, Viola and me are djing. It has been a while since we djed together, so I’m excited.

The Pink Box

Went to a Stephen Prina concert last night. He played a cover version of It’s Too Late accompanied by his acoustic guitar. I only knew the house version of the song and thought it is classic. He told me later, the original is by Carole King. I got my education.

Yoko Ono is releasing a new album next February. It has the wonderful title “Yes, I’m A Witch”, which is also the name of a song on her 1974 album “A Story” (the album got its first proper release in the 90ties). Yoko chose the artists she wanted to work with, gave them access to her back catalogue and provided them with the vocals, etc. So, this is more like a remix/duets kind of album. (via)

Saw a Barbara Walters special on TV. They showed short snippets of interviews she did in the last 30 years.
Barbara Walters: If you had to describe Bette Davis in 5 words?
Bette Davis: I am just too much.
(Update: On youtube, at the very end of the clip.)

My mother called me today and said: Du wirst es nicht glauben, Dein Vater hat eine halbe Sau beim Preisskat gewonnen. (You won’t believe it, your father won half a pig in a card game tournament.)

The Final Nail to the Coffin

I am devastated. This is the end.

As you know, I deserved to win at the Gay Bloggies.
The Best Canadian Blog award is mine. I was at the Rockies, Tim Hortons, the Niagara Falls. I’ve been to Dildo, Newfoundland. I even visited a Sugarshack. How much more Canadian can you be?

Why can the whole interweb vote, when it was already clear that is the winner? I hate democracy. I’m fuming!

Congratulations to the winner,, whose most recent post is about a VERY interesting Nokia headset. He is Borg. Don’t judge.

Thanks to all who voted for me.
This is the end. Basta.

I'm so glad...

...this is an electric oven!

So Next Year

Reno 911: Miami (youtube, homepage)

My favourite comedy TV show goes to the movies: Reno 911: Miami, coming February 23. The whale beach scene at the end is hilarious. (via)

Spiderman 3 (youtube, ifilm)

Still thinking that, for me, a perfect romantic movie would be: All scenes of Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker/Spiderman out of Spiderman 1 and 2 (and soon 3) cut in sequence. Spiderman: The Love Triangle.
Or maybe it should be a musical: Spiderman: The Romantical.

The Simpsons Movie (apple)

Simpsons: The Bunny

November Hotnuts

Yesterday’s Hotnuts was part of the Taafi drag strip. There were amazing performances by Vaginal Creme Davis (which I sadly missed, because I didn’t make it to the Gladstone), Gartina (my favourite), Donnarama and Keith Cole. There are tons of pictures this time. It was gayaos.

Vaginal Creme Davis, Anna Piaggi’s and my make-up by the lovely Margot, who got intimate with Keith Cole. NSFW pic after the jump.

My balloon top by Anthony. Best ever.

Kevin and Brad
dj’s dead cops and Brad as Anna Piaggi

Before the party
Getting started

Assistant and Gartina
Gartina performs, assistant on the run

Donnarama performs. She loved those Big Macs.

Oliver and Chris
Oliver and Chris, Keith Cole performs on the bar

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Letter from Mariah

I know, y’all must be thinking: Is produzentin still a Mariah fan? After she’s been to the concert, we haven’t heard much about her fandom!

You can hold your horses or shall I say butterflies?
I’m still all for Mariah!

In fact, Mimi sent me a letter today, in which she thanks me for my support over the years. Also, she gave me some wonderful fridge magnets and other indispensable merchandise I’ve been dying for. Don’t you think the Mimi magnet works well with the hand-knitted butterflies I bought this summer at a Mennonite farmers market?

I heart Mimi
Mimi magnet and Mennonite butterflies

Mariah says thanks
Click to enlarge and read the letter

Hotnuts: 3 x 2 x 3 = 18

This month Hotnuts is part of the TAAFI Drag Strip.
3 Hotnuts DJ’s x 2 venues x 3 performers = 18 times the fun!

DJs dead cops, Prancey Boy and produzentin at the Beaver
Performances by Vaginal Creme Davis, Keith Cole and Donnarama at both venues

Beaver, 1192 Queen St. West
Gladstone, 1214 Queen St. West

$7 admission to both venues
Come to the Beaver, come to where the Hotnuts are!

Hotnuts: It's G.A.Y., ok?

My Autumn Charts

It seems I am more comfortable with posting my DJ charts every season/quarter instead of every month. What do you think?
Sometimes I have a small crisis, thinking that there are not enough NEW deep house or house records. But then, it is just me and it looks like I haven’t done my homework. No time to worry, listen to the top 3 on the chart and everything is alright.

Also, the next Hotnuts party is this Saturday, I’ll post the details later.
Please go to Movin’ Records myspace and listen to She’s Crazy. She’s Gaga.

  1. Mo.Ca feat. Michelle Weeks – Nobody (Scream Club Mix) – Coffee Killer
    This has to be the most hysterical house song in a very long time. Michelle Weeks is the best, she belts it out like no other: I ain’t got nobody! The structure of the song is a bit similar to Be Thankful. Found the record through Tony Humphries charts. Listen to a sample.
  2. Roland Clark – Sunshine (Ron Trent Vocal Mix) – Need 2 Soul
    Roland Clark – God Is Good (DJ Spen Main Mix) – Soul Heaven
    Roland Clark double trouble. Sunshine has such an incredibly deep house sound. Listen to this gem at the Need 2 Soul myspace site. Further into the song Roland’s falsetto changes to his deeper voice. So good. Und diese tollen Flächen.
    If you want to go to church, listen to God Is Good (DJ Spen Main Mix). Another hit.
  3. Byron Stingily – Hate Won’t Change Me (Shelter Vocal) – Un-Restricted Access
    Again, wonderful vocals. I’m kind of out of words after #1 and 2.
  4. Kamar – I Need You (50% Dub) – Madhouse Records
    This is a song from 1994 which I found at a second hand record store a few weeks ago. The original is produced by Kerri Chandler and this remix takes it over the top. Very hysterical intro.
  5. Arthur Russell – Springfield (DFA Remix) – Audika
    I can sit on metal steps.
  6. Grampa – She’s Crazy (Yahya Insane Mix) – Movin’ Records
    She’s gaga. She’s crazy. Vocals by Kerri Chandler’s dad on my favourite old school house label. I like to pitch it up when I play it. Faster. Maybe I want this as my theme song.
  7. Cassy – Night To Remember (from the My Auntie EP) – Perlon
    Is this minimal already? Dunno. Lovin’ the somehow detached vocals.
    (via chantilly bass)
  8. Badly Drawn Boy – Nothing’s Gonna Change Your Mind (Hot Chip Mix) – EMI
    For those melancholic autumn hours. Listen.
  9. Justus Köhncke feat. Eric D. Clark – An Ounce Of Memories (Vocal Version) – Firm
    Listen at firm records’ or Justus Köhncke’s myspace page. Dreamy. Charmy.
  10. Kerri Chandler & Monique Bingham – In The Morning (Lost Love Dub) – Bigga Sounds
    The Final Raw Mix on the A side is a bit softer and features vocals by Monique. Love the dub.
  11. Aaron-Carl – Sky (AC’s Resurrection Mix) – Wallshaker
    Still waiting for the vinyl. Get the mp3 at Aaron’s Wallshaker label.
  12. Pelle Boi – Robert Schmidt am Telefon (from the I’m A Popperschwein EP) – Kritik
    Robert Smith on The Phone. For that Cure flavour. Very Lullaby off of Disintegration. Anzuhören bei LaManie.
  13. Brooks – Pre – Mantis
  14. Kate Bush – King Of The Mountain (Radioslave Mix) – One-sided 12″
    The wind is whistling through the house.
  15. Pink Skull – Unicorn Harpoon – Tonearm
    Sounds like alien voices to me. I’ll always adore that.


Thanks to all you fine folks who came out to party at the Sugarshack.
I think it was a maple sweet night at the Power Plant.
Big kisses for Paul, who built the #1 Ontario shack.

The shack was fuming right from the beginning.
Oliver boiled the sap down to syrup.

Sapping things up with house music! Hello!

Bojana, during her captivating and emotional performance

Oliver, working at the shack

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Paisley Park: Slow

Yesterday afternoon, I was on the streetcar, still a bit hung over from the night at the Sugarshack (pictures soon), so I listened to some of my favourite Paisley Park slow jams. Only the last two were released on Prince’s Paisley Park label, but I think it is a good name for the mini extreme playlist featuring Prince produced songs by some of his protégées.
Listen to the songs using the flash player below.

Monie Love – In A Word Or 2 (Paisley Park Mix)
It’s 1993, Monie raps the verses, Prince sings the chorus. Her second album of the same name featured several Prince produced songs.

Martika – Love…Thy Will Be Done (Prince Mix)
One of my all time favourite Prince remixes. I think it is basically an extended version of the already Prince produced original, having the extended dubby part at the beginning of the song. Wonderful. It was the lead single to her second album, Martika’s Kitchen, released in 1991.
The video is one of the first directed by Michael Haussman, who later did Madonna’s Take A Bow, one of the three clips for Kanye’s Jesus Walks and most recently, Justin’s SexyBack.

Mavis Staples – Time Waits For No One
This is the title track from Mavis’ first Paisley Park album. The video is very cute, especially at the end, when Mavis is heading out to the balcony and Prince is on the street, playing guitar next to a burning barrel. Very ghetto.
Sadly, the youtube clip doesn’t have the full guitar solo, but you’ll get the idea.
The whole album is one of the best Paisley Park releases, including the funky Jaguar and another favourite of mine, Train.

Sheila E. – Noon Rendezvous
From her 1984 debut album, The Glamorous Life.
I love the sparse instrumentation. Is this romantic?
I’ve been wondering what 2 wear
I love our noon rendezvous

(Flash player found via the wonderful daughters of invention)

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