Serious Business at Hotnuts

Okay. Anthony had this wonderful confetti suit and maybe I was a bit jealous.
Just maybe. Anyway, he looked marvelous, even after the nine hour executive meeting that he just came from. It was serious business. For sure.

So, here are the amazing pics: The Anthony Confetti Suit Special.
I told youse, it pays to dress up for Hotnuts.
More pictures after the jump.

Everybody wants a threesome
Skinny Divine, Dave and Anthony
Dave, the new boy at The Beaver, was quite popular.
He didn’t show us his ID. I wonder why.

them girls
Ruth, Ant, Zorica

with alex
Alex and Ant

ant and it
What time is it?

Ant and Oliver
What’s going on?

serious business
Tongueing a 905er. Serious business.

sign here, please
Signing autographs for the 905ers at the end of a smashing night.

One comment on “Serious Business at Hotnuts

  1. ant

    …I am so embarrassed that I wasn’t able to change out of my work clothes before I arrived at hotnuts. These days, my hectic work schedule just doesn’t allow me any time to get ready…

    Oh..Dave, drop me an email sometime, my Blackberry just arrived, so I’m always reachable.

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