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One day in Dildo

Hitchhiking to Dildo

Our tour of Newfoundland continued with a visit of the lovely town Dildo. This is a beautiful little community on Trinity Bay, right at the Atlantic.

When we drove into Dildo I hoped for crazy Dildo merchandise and all. Soon we got the feeling, that the Dildonians want to downplay the name of their town. I still don’t now why, I think they should totally work it: Dildo cutlery, Dildo cocktails, Dildo shoes, Dildo hats. So many possibilties!

However, here is the Dildonian explanation of how Dildo got its name:

“D’Isle Duo” can be translated into Spanish, Portuguese and French, all roughly meaning ‘two islands’. With respect to our community, we believe these two islands to be Spread Eagle and Dildo Island, both visible from our community. Over time, with the dialects of the settlers, the flow has been lost and it evolved into Dildo.

Me loves them islands names, bys.

Up next: My visit to the Dildo Interpretation Centre.

Dildo here we go!
Captain Dildo blew my dress

Up close with Captain Dildo
Up close and personal with Captain Dildo

with the adventure tour girls
With them local Dildonian girls

down by the harbour
Just chillin’ down by the water

Dildo: rescue me
A Dildo can save your life

I need a refill
All the girls to the harbour, the big truck is in town

he was the cutest
This cutie wanted to take me on a ride in his truck

My Nose Is Open Wide

I know, this is really old news.
BUT I just love the Morris Brown song & video by Outkast so much.

The video has it all: colored dogs, a marching band in the back of the car, roller coaster rides, flower faces, little people with tv heads. I want to live in this wonderland, NOW. And I am in love with the voice of Scar, the singer crooning the refrain. His debut album, Scar’d for life, should be out by the end of this year.

My heart is like a marching band
I’m a fan in the stands
Yes I am and I’m hollerin’ hey baby

My nose is open so wide (so wide, yeah)
Lookin’ at you such a pretty sight (so wide, yeah)

Still, I haven’t seen the movie Idlewild.

flower me happy

koi effect?

I love me them pink dogs

wau. wow.

rindin' in the cadillac

This Filthy World

The Toronto International Fim Festival ist just around the corner. It will screen the world premiere of This Filthy World, John Waters’ one-man show documentary, which was shot in New York in March.

In addition to this, John Waters will appear in a discussion with John Cameron Mitchell (Shortbus, Hedwig and the Angry Inch).

The TIFF schedule will be availabe Tuesday at 11 am. Individual tickets for this event go on sale Sept 6.

On The Discovery Trail

I’m still in Newfoundland, getting the tour did by me Newfi friend Anthony (I’m trying to gets me Newfi accent on, bys).

We just had the most wonderful day. Driving around Trinity Bay made my heart jump for joy. And kept our imagination going. The road to Heart’s Desire leads through Heart’s Delight and most importantly, the town named Dildo.

I will tell you more about the trip and Dildo in the next couple of days, once I’m back in Toronto.

Bring Me To Dildo, please
Dildo gets me going

Now, take me to Heart's Delight
Let me be your Heart’s Delight

My Heart's Desire
My eyes glittered with desire. This is where I want to be.

My Adventure With Mimi

Last night I attended my first Mariah concert ever. Of course I feel it was one of the best concerts I ever saw. What did you expect? Overall, she seemed so happy, cracked jokes and was just in a fantastic mood. Mariah’s voice is so good in concert. It was out of control!

My favourite moments were:

  • The opening video, were Mariah talks about life being like a roller coaster. In the beginning this is accompanied by images of a roller coaster. After she says that she found strength and peace, we could see Mariah flying through clouds. Amazing. I wish I could provide a video clip. For now, enjoy the audio.
  • Mariah started the show with It’s Like That. The slightly remixed version of the song and the fact that I saw her in concert for the very first time brought tears to my eyes. Honestly.
  • During Vision of Love, Mariah stopped the song and said something like: “Sorry, Toronto, I have to stop the song. I hope you forgive me. But there is a hole in the stage the size of a stiletto heel and we don’t want anyone to fall. Can someone please fix it?” And crew member came out and did just that.
  • Mariah performed a short a capella version of Close My Eyes, which I mistook for Petals (which I secretly hoped she would perform) for a second. Close My Eyes gave me goosebumps, it was so good:

    And though time’s rolled by
    Still I feel like that child
    As I look at the moon
    Maybe I grew up a little too soon

  • Butterfly-shaped confetti came out at the end of We Belong Together and during the Butterfly outro

Butterfly setlist
My friends found the setlist for the Toronto show. Click to read.

Montreal Nights

La Lady M

Toffi and me crawled out of the Sommerloch by taking a trip to Montreal. After the long party weekend I think that maybe Montreal is Canada’s Ibiza. Although, I have never been to Ibiza.

Our days on the island started with a bit of sightseeing, followed by a disco nap and in the evenings we went to the Gay Pride festivities (they call it “Divers/Cité” over there, please excuse my french). On Saturday, we saw Amanda Lepore and Lady Miss Kier perform at Sexgarage 2. Amanda sang 2 songs. And a third one as an a cappella.

Next up was Lady Miss Kier, who I am still in love with. She sang some Deee-lite hits and a few new demos, of which I liked her cover of George Clinton’s Bullet Proof best. I was just a little sad, that she didn’t sing I Had A Dream I Was Falling Through A Hole In The Ozone Layer. But I loved it when she changed the lyrics to What Is Love to How do you say – disgusting?

After their shows, we had the chance to say hi to the Ladies.
We were smitten.

Montreal is a little bit smaller than Toronto, but not when it comes to male strip clubs. There are 5 or 6 or more. Our favourite one was Stock Bar, which just re-opened after a fire 3 months ago. The place was packed on Sunday night. They had a catwalk stage with a pole at the front and a second stage, consisting of a shower with psychedelic light effects. Phil Collins sang I can feel it coming in the air tonight when the stripper got wet under the shower.

Miss Lepore

Toffi and Miss Kier

Amanda and Toffi

Summer Slump

Sommerloch, that’s it.

To cool me down my bf bought me an iced cappucino. As I came home quite late last night, he put the crushed iced coffee in the freezer.
This morning I needed the chillatte so badly, the heatwave had struck me tired. So I get the coffee out of the freezer and it is just too cold, freezing cold. Ice. It froze to ice. I couldn’t suck it with a straw. It was stuck in the cup. Such a big mess. Ein Riesenschlamassel.
I wanted to go back to bed and sleep the whole day. My iced latte was ice. I couldn’t drink it. Hell had frozen over.

Toffi came to help me. He stabbed the coffee ice with the straw. Slowly but surely, the ice turned into puree again. Just how it’s supposed to be. Ready to be slurped. And that’s what I did. Slurped it all up.

I’m a whole new person now.

slurp me.