Road Trip: Niagara Falls, Part II

Here are a few pictures of Nancy and me with tourists. These were the most adorable people we met. We love all people. Even the haters.

All photos by Gates of Schimbulak.

Tomorrow, part III: The experience.

Nancy, I don't see them
The haters gave us a dirty look.

We met these girls at Dairy Queen. They were fabulous. Lots of fun.

She was the best
We felt like meeting our long lost sister.

We adored the baby
Cutie pie.

His heart pounded like crazy
More cuteness. We love all cuties. Even underage.

9 comments on “Road Trip: Niagara Falls, Part II

  1. saundi arabia

    Darling Proddy and Nancy,

    You look fabulous and I think you have caught on to soemthing here jsut great! Nancy youa re cute in person too sugar! And Proddy your travel pics are real kunst baby!


  2. saundi arabia

    thank god your hus-otter (thin furry husband) is a good photographer!! too!!

  3. h. aus f.

    you had tough competition – that big woman in red, what a fabulous outfit!

  4. wicky from e

    gebt mir mehr!! bis morgen zu warten halt’ ich nervlich nicht aus!!!

  5. produzentin Post author

    lovely saundi arabia,
    you should have been with us. next time we have to stir things up together.
    and I love the compositions of the photographer, tooo.

    wicky from e, I just got up and will post the final part of our adventure, now.

  6. Tommy

    So so fabulous!! Loving those pix! Oh, and the falls look nice too.. Say hi to your ‘sister’ for me! ;)

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