More Hotnuts

We had a very hot Hotnuts at the Beaver on Friday. Keith Cole did a brilliant and revealing performance and it was no stopping afterwards. When everyone was drunk we sang a new version of the Donna Summer classic:

I want some Hot Nuts baby tonight!

Thanks to Brad, who did my wonderful disco palms.

dj leseigthies and I
Skinny Divine and me

Something extra
More by Keith

Who is it?
Bruce LaBruce and Me

Who is it? Part 2
Zorica and I

Who is it? Part 3
It, dancing

B and O
Brad and Oliver

Me and It
Me and It

Stuart and I
Stuart and you know who

Just Hotnuts
Keith, I and Oliver

7 comments on “More Hotnuts

  1. superschum

    I am so jealous! Wäre so gerne dabei gewesen – und dieses Kopfding – wie ein rosagefärbter wasserfall in den rockys – bezaubernd!

  2. produzentin Post author

    ach es ist auch wirklich eine schande, dass du und der h. wieder zurück nach f. musstet. ihr hättet die boys, girls und die anderen zum überkochen gebracht.

  3. h. aus f.

    oh what a shame i wasnt there. revealing details under skirts…all those veils hiding the most beauticious faces…you all look so mysterious and exciting…even those who are not dressed up…i’ll shed a tear and be sad in boring old f.

  4. saundi arabia

    Those pics of keith et al are fabulous thank you for so much fun sistah trucka!

  5. don quixote

    Toronto westend queers not getting the happenings about hot Hotnuts at the Beaver on Friday’s. Shame Shame Shame. I don’t see it listed here? under daily queer events.

    A Toronto queer website that gets 90,000 hits a day!

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