produzentin cuisine: La Rambut

produzentin is very much in love with fruits. They help me dropping a few pounds here and there. Fruits are my diet especially if they are tasty and have furry names, like the Rambutan, whose name derived from the Malayan word rambut which means hairs.

This morning I went to Chinatown and got this bundle of Rambutans. For a couple of days I like to use them as decorative accessories with my paper fruits, which I bought recently. And then, day by day, pick a few from the bundle. Tasty!

tasty delights
White cube

split me open
Eat me

4 comments on “produzentin cuisine: La Rambut

  1. Pimpernelli, der süße Clown

    Das erinnert mich daran, wie Beavis and Butthead Telefonscherze mit einem Mann namens Harry Sacks gemacht haben. Essen würde ich es nicht, sorry, echt.

  2. produzentin Post author

    ach und dabei sind die so lecker, eine schwester der litschi würde ich sagen.

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