produzentin cuisine: Rappers and Poppers

Fill Me Up!

I am so happy that food week has won the poll, because I love my little treats. For that very special occasion, I got this juicy produzentin logo. Get ready for the sausage fest.

All you haters step back: produzentin eats Rappers and Poppers for breakfast. They taste so good. Hot jalapenos and melted cheese in a ball or stick… What more can you ask for early in the morning?

7 comments on “produzentin cuisine: Rappers and Poppers

  1. Nancy

    i love the sausage-logo. yummy! and you look like these tiny dogs, i don´t know the name of. great! i thought it was cocker spaniel, but this turned out to be wrong. anyway, i hope you don’t harm your little doggy stomach with all that cheese so early in the morning. ;-)
    i wish the food week would last forever. this theme is so me!


  2. pandy

    that´s so true! she looks like a cute little yorkshire terrier, or an ewok prom queen.

  3. Pimpernelli, der süße Clown

    I´m so glad that food won!! Please eat Punkers, Gruftie-Cornflakes and pure New Romantics tomorrow morning!!

    Did you hear that they shot the bear, Prodi? Problem-Bär Bruno is dead. – Don´t tell Nancy…

  4. claude

    I´d like to suggest a monthly food-report on!!
    By the way: You look gorgeous dearest Prodi!! (as always, of course..)

  5. produzentin Post author

    krass, der Bär is dead.
    und dabei gehe ich nächste woche in die wildnis um bären zu sehen…

    dearest claude: that is a wonderful idea. foodastic.

  6. Nancy

    ja, dass waren diese irren bayern. die haben den einfach abgeknallt. ich trage trauer…

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