4 comments on “Vote!

  1. Egolf

    Since it seems literature is losing out to food… could we at least get “What I was eating while I read The Buddenbrooks”? Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. Nancy

    ok i will try to cheat fiercely today, in order to make sure that food will win. i don’t want to get annoyed by buddenbrooks. will there also be recipes of the most delicious meals?

  3. Egolf

    Nancy, your’re, like, such a *total* bitch! I hope you get fat with all that food! All that yummy, delicious, tasty food… those gorgeous, fantastic, lickadicious treats… the *lecker* eats… the yummy, yummy yummy… oh god — where are my books! Must. Not. Eat. – Else. Get. Fat. …. Oh hell, here I go (to the fridge). And it’s all *your* fault, Nancy!

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