Poll Alert

On days like this I don’t know if it is better to give or to receive. Receive? Give? Receive? Give?

Whatever, I have added the first ever produzentin poll to the sidebar on the left. You can vote once a day and please do so. Or try to vote even more often. I’ll keep the poll open for a week or so.

Vote every day!
Let the cheating begin!

What should the next theme week at produzentin be about?

  • Mariah, again (we love her so much)
  • Kanye (we love him so much)
  • What produzentin eats (we just want to know)
  • Buddenbrooks by Thomas Mann week at produzentin.com (we love the book)
  • Power failure at produzentin.com (rescue me)
  • produzentin covers Prince songs (we love her voice)

7 comments on “Poll Alert

  1. Michi

    Spatz, du hättest uns aber ruhig verraten können, daß du heute Frau Merkel beehrst

  2. produzentin Post author

    Thank you so much, darlings!
    I had Jägermeister and Vanilla Vodka for the party people. There were some complaints at the beginning but everyone seemed (or pretended) to love the Vanilla Vodka in the end. More about the food later.

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