8 comments on “Hotnuts

  1. bobby

    oh prodi – nice – diese langen halme !!
    ; ((how could we forget to use nuts on our kalender ??!!))

  2. Jocki

    Ah, another thing! I met Bobby in Frankfurt, she called me Aische and ran away. I had to cry the whole night through. I just wanted to say “hello”. Hello Bobby.

  3. bobby

    oh dearest jocki..i´m so sorry …i tried to call you Eiche and i ran away because i was so late on the way to the dentist and i didn´t had the 10 eurichs and some more mess in my head— deep luv from me to u

  4. Nancy

    @ jocki: only if you put them in your panties, i guess…

    @ bobby: but there is a coconut in your calender which aroused some juicy lesbian fantasies about boops in me for a whole month. (forgot, which month it was).

  5. Jocki, Michi, Pimpernelli

    Dear Bobby, I accept that ;) and hope the doctor doesn´t hurt your nice teeth. Maybe we meet next week for a little beer or something?, I´ll be in Frankfurt Thurday and Friday at the Stedelschool and sitting around like falsemoney again, I guess.

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