They call him the Greta Garbo of fashion

I’ve been a fan of his creations for such a long time, I don’t know when it started. But I really got hooked when my dear friend Steffi showed me more of his stuff, especially the cloven-toe boots, which make me feel like a pony everytime I wear them.
Such a treasure.

Anyhoo, the man is very mysterious about himself. Hasn’t done an interview in 20 years. No photos. Finally, he has been stalked.

My favourtite fashion blog, paperblog, has a picture of Martin Margiela as he enters Maison Margiela in Paris.

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  1. auntieant

    amazing, he’s like the lochness monster or bigfoot. Apparently he’s very tall and used to have a really long beard. i once met someone who knew someone who’s auntie worked with him many year’s ago…

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