Almost Spring Charts

  1. Kerri Chandler – Halleluhjah (Kaoz Club Mix) – King Street
    Found this mid 90ties classic at a used record store. I was instantly blown away by the beats and lyrics.
  2. Jam & Spoon feat. Plavka – Right In The Night (MK Mix) – Epic
    More 90ties stuff. Back then, I collected MK, but wasn’t aware of the Jam & Spoon remix. The song is a guilty pleasure for me, as I was always afraid to admit my love. The remix is classic Marc Kinchen, who is a cutie too. You may know his worldwide hit by the Nightcrawlers – Push The Feeling On (listen at Hope he comes back to house music.
  3. Hot Chip – Over And Over (Justus Köhncke”™s Baking Horse Club Mix) – EMI UK
    Now that the mix has finally been released (with a different name, though) I had to put it on my charts a second time. It is so good. The Hot Chip tour will be hitting Toronto on March 15th.
  4. Kerri Chandler – So Let the Wind Come (Remix) – Nitegrooves (no. 246)
    A new Kerri record with a straight beat. Good for learning how to beat mix if you ask me.
  5. Fonda Rae – Over Like a Fat Rat – Vanguard Records
    You know I love this one.
  6. Flat Pack – Sweet Child Of Mine (Mylo Club Mix) – Breastfed Recordings
    Wonderful electro cover of Guns’n’Roses.
  7. Tiga – Good As Gold (Morgan Geist Monophonic Mix) – PIAS
  8. Rihanna – S.O.S. (Rescue Me) – DefJam
    Sounds like a mash-up. This is going to be a hit. For sure. Not only because of the Tainted Love sample. Stream available at her website.
  9. Felix (Arthur Russell & Nicky Siano) – Tigerstripes – Sleeping Bag Records
  10. Prince – Black Sweat – Universal/NPG
  11. Romanthony – Falling From Grace (Murk Main Mix) – Azuli
    Even more 90ties. I love Romanthony and the Murk boys. Again, didn’t get the remix back then, here it is available as a mp3 download. The original version is fabulous too. The whole Azuli backcatalog seems to be up for download at juno, btw.

Limited mp3: Jam & Spoon – Right In The Night (MK Mix)
Buy: CA / DE

Right in the night you’ll find
That if you wanna fall in love, you fall in love

3 comments on “Almost Spring Charts

  1. mitch´

    oooaaahh, dieser romanthony / murk track ist ja der absolute wahnsinn!
    bekommt man den auch auf platte? ich bin begeistert

  2. toffi

    Diese PRAVKLA fand ich schon immer so toll!
    Das die nie mal einen Echo bekommen hat!?

  3. michael

    wow!! an mk remix!!! how cool! i miss mark kinchen so much. where is he? we need more of this cool, slick, elegant 90s house! especially today with all this ugly electronic music around. i want the 90s back!!!

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