Postcards from Detroit

Back in Toronto from our little trip to Detroit.

We hang out with Aaron-Carl and his wonderful kids on Friday. At night we went to fabulous ghettotech set of him at the Corktown Tavern.
Go to Aaron-Carl’s website to see him perform at some of his first shows ever (there are four clips in the WindowsMediaPlayer, you can skip through them). They make me wish I was already a fan of him back then.

On Saturday night, Pirahnahead took us to Bert’s Marketplace. This is a late night jazz bar, where the local jazz musicians go to after they played their paid gigs around town. I never thought I could like jazz so much. I want to dj jazz records now.

Peoplemover tracks over Jefferson
Taken from the Peoplemover

4 comments on “Postcards from Detroit

  1. Bernd

    Is ja klar. Seit ein paar Wochen denke ich auch das Jazz DJ sein soooo geil wäre. Ich empfehle als ersten Track “Bad Bad Simba” von “O´Donel Levy”. Schokoladen Grüsse nach Kanada.

  2. Pimpernelli, der blöde Clown

    ja, bitte werdet alle Jazz DJs und trefft euch an einem geheimen Ort unter Ausschluß der Öffentlichkeit und spielt euch dort eure Musike vor

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