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Fat Actress taking over!When I heard about the TV series I wanted it to be good. So I went to my local video store, Queen Video, and rented Fat Actress. Kirstie Alley is Fat Actress, a fictionalized version of herself. The show has only one fantastic plot: Her being fat, fat, fat and the schemes she uses to get a new TV deal.

The episodes are getting better and better on the first DVD with my favourite episode The Koi Effect (named after the fish) as the last one. The shows on the second disc are a bit off the mark, but again, the last one is very good.

In the Koi Effect, her two assistants want to go on a diet with her. She calls her adviser (Watch this clip on the front page of the Fat Actress page). When her team doesn’t fancy the idea of acquiring a parasite, Kirstie listens to her evil neighbor, Blossom, who wants her out of the house:

“Unlike goldfish, Koi grow to the size of the pond that they are in. Small pond – small fish, large pond – large fish. Get it? … It could be, that you have become larger, because you have been living in such a large house. And maybe, you could become smaller, if you move to a smaller house. Change your physical environment and your body will follow.”

Kirstie invites an expert on the subject to her place. After the meeting she only speaks in her little voice, invites little people for a party and moves into a little house.

It is absolutely hilarious. And she looses weight: “The Koi Effect is working, I’m shrinking”.
I think, I will try it soon…

5 comments on “Fat Actress

  1. toffi

    Ich freue mich wenn ich am Wochenende das mit der Jenny mir reinfahren werde!
    Gott sei Dank hat mir das amazon noch rechtzeitig gesendet!!!!

  2. Nancy

    ach schade, den clip von der fat actress page kann man sich von deutschland aus nicht ansehen. :-(
    ich kann es kaum fassen, dass kristie alley sich für diese rolle hergegeben hat. entweder ist sie total abgebrannt oder arschcool!

  3. shahrukh

    ohh je, dann duerft ihr aber nicht zusammen in die hundehuette ziehen, sonst wirkt sich das schlecht auf deinen bf aus :)

  4. gisela

    dafuer liebe ich amerika !
    sowas gibts nur dort.

    ich versuche es bei amazon zu kaufen…

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