LV Outlet Shopping

Busy LV Outlet

The big question is: Where is the best Louis Vuitton outlet store? Personally, I tried stores in Shanghai and Istanbul and saw the one on the right in San Francisco yesterday.

My friend (who wants to stay anonymous for now) had a great shopping adventure at a New York backyard. She is convinced the two bags are for real – just because her outlet experience was so fabulous!

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    I’d like know the address of the Louis Vuitton outlet in Istanbul

  2. andy

    Hi Manuela – How to get there: Enjoyable bazaar is at Beyazit / Istanbul. It has around 22 gates but most easy one to find is the “Nuruosmaniye Gate” near the Beyazit square. If you take tram from Eminonu, get off from Beyazit. And on the right side, you can easily spot the entrance point.

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