Sing Back The Symbols | DV, 11 min. | 2003

Sing Back The SymbolsAn exact reproduction of the music videos And So Is Love and The Red Shoes by Kate Bush from her 1993 short film The Line, The Cross & The Curve. The narration follows the fairy tale of the red shoes by Hans Christian Andersen. Two big fans of the singer in the main roles.

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Watch Sing Back: high (320 x 240, 25 mb) – Quicktime 6 required
Watch Sing Back: low (160 x 120, 9 mb) – Quicktime 6 required

Sing Back The Symbols

The Line, The Cross & The Curve

view view
curve curve
come come
cut them off cut them off


Kate: Christof Heller
The Evil One: produzentin
Mystique: Daniel Kohl
She-devil 1: Tämur Ali Khan
She-devil 2: Oliver Husain

Director: Oliver Husain
Camera: Daniel Kohl, Anna Berger
Costume: Steffi Peters
Makeup: Tämur Ali Khan
Catering: Michael Schumacher
Production: produzentin

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